Tustin, California According to my Instagram

As you may have noticed (you probably haven’t) there was once again a lull in my blog posts. This time, it wasn’t because of a wedding but a pregnancy. Yes, people, I done got me a bun in the oven… and this bun made me really nauseous and tired for like 20 weeks. I’m still kinda nauseous and tired but not nearly as much, so I could just muster up some strength to post a little something about my trip to California in May/June 2017.

The trip was actually one of those “No reason other than the ticket was cheap and I have to buy baby stuff anyways”-trip (read: 1st world reasons) and was a bit of a spur of the moment decision. Had I thought it through, I would probably have done a few things differently; mainly, I would have brought my husband along. Even though we’ve only known each other for a few years, it already felt weird to travel without him and I missed him a lot. Thankfully, we had FaceTime and WiFi otherwise my pregnancy-induced-separation-anxiety-filled ass wouldn’t have made it through the two weeks I was away.

But all in all, it was a good trip filled with shopping, swimming and a whole lot of chow. Some may say flying all the way to California from Copenhagen is a bit far to just hang out and eat, but Tustin is my family’s home away from home. We spent many a holidays here when I was a kid and as a teen. It is a good place for me to visit when I don’t have much vacation time because I don’t have to spend any time acclimating at all; as soon as we land, it feels like home. So any trip here, is a relaxing one for me; and that was what I needed the most at that time.

Below are the pictures that I posted on Instagram while I was away. I’m afraid they aren’t all too interesting because, as said, we mostly stayed in or hung out by the pool but I hope you enjoy them anyway.


  1. First thing on the agenda, when landing in the Westcoast, is always a trip to In-N-Out.
  2. The District at Tustin Legacy: a cool spot (which is a bit rare in sleepy Tustin), that is slowly becoming my favorite place in Tustin.
  3. During the first trimester, I was craving cake batter ice cream, which we don’t have in Denmark, so I went to town on that one.
  4. One pregnant lady in front of the mother ship.
  5. Hatch in the District was all my faves in one place; mid-century modern decor, seafood sliders and cocktails (which of course, I didn’t have, but still…).
  6. The weather is (almost) always perfect in SoCal, so the pool was where we spent most our days.
  7. I maaaaay have bought too much baby stuff, but at a fraction of the prices here in Denmark, who can really blame me?
  8. I tried that whole hotdog or legs thing but I wasn’t really fooling anyone; those are so my bumpy legs.


’till then…


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